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Can Woocar be used in any country?

Yes. Woocar can be used from anywhere in the world. Both the dashboards and the application use the user's locale to determine the settings for the following:

What browsers are recommended?

Woocar works best with the latest version of the most modern browsers. We support Firefox 43 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher, Chrome 22 or higher.

Is there a Woocar app for the phone?

You can download the Woocar application for both android and iOS by selecting one of the following links

Download from google play

App store download

How often do you release updates to the app?

Continually. Our engineers are constantly working to improve the experience of using the application. We recommend that the automatic updates option be enabled so that you have the latest improvements

Do you need any special equipment to use Woocar?

No. You do not need any equipment or device connected to the vehicle to be able to measure driving habits through Woocar.
The only thing required is to have the Woocar application installed on the phone of the drivers we want to measure.

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