When we start with Woocar, our number one goal was and is to end distractions while driving. Through different studies, we were able to detect that the main reason for these distractions is the use of cell phones when driving.

After a long time analyzing different variables and working on this with psychologists and specialists in behavioral economics, we came to the conclusion that blocking cell phones is not the best solution, since this, the only thing it causes is having greater risks.

What do we mean by this? When we talk about greater risks, we mean that, if the driver has an emergency in the middle of a trip (health, assault, etc.), having the cell phone blocked, he could not go to an immediate solution. Therefore, not only would you be having an emergency that you should solve urgently, but you would not be able to go / call someone to help you solve it.

On the other hand, it is proven that when something is strictly prohibited, a very high percentage is encouraged to incur some type of contravention, or act of rebellion. In this case, use the telephone when driving.

Blocking the use of the cell phone with an app, pushes drivers to break this rule and in any case motivates them to use their personal cell phones ... and not just the drivers, the same traffic offices are the ones that often end up communicating with them through their personal phones. So what happens is that you completely lose control and the notion of the amount of cell phone use while driving, at what times you use ... So, If it can't be measured, it can't be improved.

This is the reason why We have developed a tool that works on this bad habit, and manages to develop a good habit that, according to the drivers themselves, they later transfer to their daily driving with their private car. 

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