What is Woocar?

It is the driving habits platform that is changing the way we measure and improve driving behaviors. Our value proposition is to accompany the company's mobile teams to reach zero road accidents, and for this we focus on the human aspects: reducing distractions from cell phone use when driving, speeding and achieving a smooth driving.

              Woocar is a product and service developed by Woolabs SA, made up of specialists in mobility, sports car racing, road safety and artificial intelligence. It consists of applications for smart phones, dashboards and reports that allow us to understand and improve our driving habits and fleet management.


How It Works

Woocar is a mobile application that detects when you are driving a vehicle and with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the sensors of your smartphone, it allows you to measure: distance, speed, accelerations and decelerations. It collects that information and uses it to analyze our driving. Then, it shows the user different scores that reflect their driving habits, added to specific advice for each item.


What are the scores, what do they measure, and what do they mean?   

                1. Attention: It measures the use of the cell phone during driving. The attention score includes the identification of the different types of cell phone use and weights them according to the risk associated with each of them. It is distinguished: Call received, call made, call rejected, and use of cell phone screen. 

                2. Skill: Measure acceleration and braking. The score indicates the degree of ability or fluency to drive the vehicle smoothly. It is related to safety and also to the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance, since handling with few accelerations and braking lengthens the useful life of all the mechanical components of the unit.

                 3. Caution: Registers the respect of the maximum speeds. The score takes into account all the excesses corresponding to each type of road and specific sectors. Woocar takes into account urban areas, rural areas, dangerous roads. The maximum speeds are related to the type of vehicle that each user drives, which is configured from the backend of the Woocar platform. 

                  4. Echo: It measures the efficiency applied in driving and also in the chosen route. As an example, a trip at a constant speed of between 90 and 110 km / h would give a high Score, of 90 points for example, if both accelerations and braking were smooth throughout the trip. But if we are traveling an off-road road with an all-terrain vehicle, or an area with traffic jams, the Eco Score that we will obtain will be low, on the order of 65 points if the driver performed relatively smooth maneuvers.

                   5. Distance: Distance traveled for the selected period.

Where do I download it from?

Download from google playApp store download


In which countries does it work?

In all countries.


What languages ​​is it in?

In Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.


What are the requirements for the Android application?

Operating System: Woocar requires Android KitKat operating system or higher (Android 4.4+).

Sensors required: Gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, 1.5GB RAM or higher (2Gb recommended).

Processor: 1GHz or higher

Internal storage: 8GB or higher (16Gb recommended)


What would an example Android device be that works with Woocar?

A phone used by some of our customers on the Samsung Galaxy J4. It's a low-end, inexpensive phone that lets you start measuring driving behaviors without such a high cost of entry.


What are the requirements for iOS?

Operating System: Woocar can be run on ios 9.0 or higher

Woocar works on: iPhone 5s and higher, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G or higher.


Important configuration information

GPS: When installing the application, the operating system asks about the GPS access to the application. Woocar needs to access the GPS all the time, because that is how it detects the movement of the vehicle. 

Battery optimization: Although Woocar makes efficient use of the battery, the operating system may try to stop the application due to the use of resources it uses, especially during the duration of a trip, since we use the GPS signal to determine the speed at which you find yourself traveling. This can lead to travel cuts. 


Information for Drivers

How do I join a fleet?

The fleet manager will send you a link. When you click on this link from the cell phone, the Woocar application will open (it must be previously installed). You will see a sign that tells you which fleet you have joined and asks you to enter with an email. If you are having trouble registering, write us now by WhatsApp or by email at: [email protected]


I downloaded the application and joined a fleet, how should I use the application?

When you start driving to work, tap the truck icon that appears in the app at the bottom right, so it turns blue. This indicates that it is recording your trips. When you're done working, tap the truck icon again so it turns red and the app won't record your personal trips. 

I downloaded the application, I am an anonymous user - I do not belong to any fleet: Who can see my trips? 

If you are an anonymous user: you did not register with your email and you are not part of any fleet; no one else can see your trips and your information.


I am a user part of a fleet, who can see my trips?

If you are part of a fleet - you entered with an email and you were registered, the Fleet Administrator can see the trips you make while you have the truck icon activated, which is in the application, the lower part, on the right. When you deactivate the truck, no one else will be able to see your trips. 


I have a problema: The application does not record my trips

It may be that the application does not have access to the GPS, the Motion sensors (Motion & Fitness), or it may not have permission to open in the Background and Data in the Background. To fix it, check the application settings and give it access.

On Android: Go to Apps and Notifications, find Woocar and view its information. Find the text "Application Permissions" and search for GPS and choose "Access all the time." 

On IOS: Go to Settings, find Woocar, view its information. In the available accesses, find “Location” and choose “Access all the time”.

You can see a video as an example: https://youtu.be/sk1KbbzHHNY

It may also be that you are not registered correctly, check with the fleet administrator to check that they find you among the drivers. 


How do I know that I am registering trips? 

After you make your first trip, with the Woocar app installed and the truck icon in green, you have to see your score.


Use tips:
  1. For long trips it is advisable to have the cell phone connected to the vehicle charger.
  2. Always carry the cell phone in a holder. In this way, the device is fixed and not circling in the vehicle, safeguarding security and ensuring that the cell phone better receives the GPS and telephone signals.
  3. To always have the latest version of the APP and get the best scores, it is convenient to have the automatic update check activated.

Here you can find everything you need to understand how Woocar works.

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