Did you know that 90% of road accidents are caused by human factors?
The main avoidable risk factors according to WHO (2004) are the following: - Excessive speed - Ingestion of alcohol and other drugs - Fatigue - Being male and young - Vision deficiencies 

Fatigue is one of the most complex to prevent because it is multi-causal. Its consequences affect the ability to drive and can put the driver and third parties at risk. Van Der Nest, in 1978, defines it as "a change in the performance efficiency of a human organism, produced by means of a wide variety of physiological and psychological factors, which act on the subject, well combined, well in isolation" . 
Numerous authors such as Nelson, Stave, Brown and Poulton, among others, identify the following negative manifestations and symptoms of fatigue:

That is why at Woocar we are preparing content to understand the causes that generate fatigue in drivers. By understanding how to reduce fatigue, we can reduce its consequences on road safety.

What actions can we take to reduce our fatigue and that of our work team on the road?

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